Creating a Social Media Presence

As you noticed on my home page I discussed the two things I believe are of the utmost importance as a young professional (networking and marketing yourself). To go along with these aspects I have recently created a Facebook Page to help share my work and the work of others within the same arena as myself with a wider audience.

I hope this page becomes a way for young professionals to mingle, network, gain advice and showcase their work. As such, promoting the page is very important because the more “likes” it has, the more people who will see the work and be a part of that network. Although I created this page with young professionals in mind, it is necessary to have some more experienced players participate and provide critiques and praise as according to their advanced knowledge of the field and client expectations. So don’t be shy.

I’d really appreciate it if every one of my portfolio followers would follow the link and “like” the page. Contribute your own work by messaging me via the “Contact Me” page or sending the Facebook Page a message and participate in critiques and discussions. We can all benefit from talking to each other. So, let’s open those doors and communicate in a fun and informal way so that we may build our network and friendships at the same time.


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