Hospitality Industry: Tech Implementation

The Hotel Industry’s Race to Escape the Dinosaur Age

Comments and Insights:

There are many difficulties with technology implementation in the hospitality industry. Often, as a result of these difficulties hotels, in particular, are left behind the curve.

According to the article, “many companies have made it a philosophy not to be the leader on the tech side” and “large hotel chains tend to conduct major [technology overhauls] just once every seven years.” The hope is that by adopting technology later, companies will avoid having to deal with the bugs and flaws that come along with brand new technology. However, as it turns out, due to the constant evolving state of technology bumps and flaws in design become apparent at all stages of the life of various technologies.

For example, when the room keycard was introduced, it quickly replaced the traditional key-and-lock set of traditional homes. However, after some time hotels figured out that these keycards can become demagnetized—something the industry still faces today. The quick evolution of the television is another example. Consumers typically have a better TV at home than they experience within a hotel room. This is due to the fact that hotel televisions are still largely the same as the ones implemented in 2007.

In conclusion, technology can be part of the getaway experience guests have at hotels, but due to the widely accepted “wait and see” approach the industry is currently pursuing, consumers are often left feeling as if they have to bring their own technology and put up with the minimal technology provided in hotel rooms and suites.


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