Property Management Systems: Atrio

Moonstone Hotels Selects ATRIO(R) PMS For Their Entire Five Property Collection

Insights and Discussion:

Atrio® is an app based PMS system that is completely hosted on the cloud. The program is built for the way most of us approach new technology. Many of us, especially those entering the hospitality business as young professionals, learn technology by simply looking at it. By this I mean that we expect technology and applications to be self-explanatory. It is an “I want to do X so I will click on X” mindset.

Atrio® is set up so that a new user can use this approach to learn the basic functions of the system. Par Springer-Miller, the parent company, states that an individual will be able to check a guest in to a hotel room with zero training and should be able to make a reservation after only being shown one time! This significantly reduces training costs and time.

In addition, the completely cloud based system minimizes on-site technology and therefore reducing implementation costs and hardware/software investments as well as allowing for seamless updates.

After reading the article, I viewed a YouTube video posted by Par Springer-Miller here: I must say, I wish my property would look into Atrio®!




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