Catching Up

Honestly, I composed this post weeks and weeks ago; however, I haven’t had a computer for the last several months. Therefore, you are just being exposed to it tonight. You can expect more regular updates now that I am back on the web. There is one good thing that has come about in my absence…I have soooo much to catch you up on!

Over the last few weeks I have been working unceasingly on two projects—a design sample book and Radiothon—for two separate organizations, OfficeMax and Massena Rescue, respectfully. My employer, OfficeMax, asked me to re-make our Impress Sample Book so that it featured new, up-to-date and refreshing samples in a clean and inviting way. Recently, I completed enough of the new book to officially take the old one out of circulation and although there is still work to be done this felt like a great accomplishment. So far our book has sections for wedding invitation sets, graduation announcements, and birthday invitations for both adults and children. Sections featuring collateral for bridal and baby showers along with a section for thank-you cards are coming soon. In addition to providing a great selling tool for the Impress department, the creation of this sample book will seriously beef up my portfolio. Every design in the book (except for one) is my work.  My next post is going to be strictly pictures (with captions) of the new book so be sure to check it out and subscribe for email updates on the right of your screen!

Radiothon is just around the corner—May 27th, Memorial Day. I am so excited to be a part of this event. Over the past month, the event has really taken shape. Many businesses and organizations have actively participated in the prep for the big day by donating items for raffle, food and collateral. The banner, which I designed, is hanging over Main Street for the month preceding the event! I’ll be sure to post a picture of it as soon as possible!


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