I know that I touched on this topic in my last post but recent events have led me to believe that it needs to be emphasized. This past February I received a pretty awesome Valentine’s Day present. I was finally offered a job within my field at OfficeMax. I work in the Impress Department which, for those of you that do not know, is a copy/print/design department within OfficeMax. I love working at OfficeMax–the design work especially. I love being able to offer customers a personalized piece of collateral that they LOVE. For example, this past week a customer came in with a pre-designed invitation that was just not optimized for printing. It felt amazing to have them come in with a design that was just “the best they could do” and have them leave with 100 prints of an invitation that was “perfect.” And the cherry on top–they spoke very kind words of praise to my store manager!  The experience both in design and customer service is refreshing and although I know that, with my background, I can find a career field that will pay more right off the rip, I love my job and it is a great stepping stone. And, who knows, maybe I’ll end up working at OfficeMax Corporate designing our collateral? Dream big or go home, right?


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