Aqua East Radio Ad

Click here to play the radio ad.




SFX:  Crowd Cheering

VO (REPORTER):  Kelly Slater, that was unbelievable! Congratulations on winning the Aqua East Surf Tournament.

VO (K. SLATER):  Yeah, I was just riding the wave and then like whsssh, and then I dropped in like ahhh, and then like it was so insane and the wave started closing so I was like skurrrtt, and then BAM and I was out fist pumpin’ like a champion!

VO (REPORTER):  Did anything else, besides the great waves, help you win today?

VO (K. SLATER):  Yeah, Aqua East really did hook me up with a SICK board.

VO (ANNCR):  Even Kelly Slater rode the wave to Aqua East. Let Aqua East supply your lifestyle, no matter what board you ride. Visit one of our two locations in St. Augustine or Atlantic Beach. Aqua East. Ride the wave.



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