Another Week in the PR World

The Jacksonville Business Journal hosted an ad on their website free of charge for our client. In order to explain the worth of the ad(s) placed by the Jacksonville Business Journal I researched how much those ads would cost to place if our client were to purchase them and recorded the information here. This information is vital to our client and to us. It allows us to assess how well we are doing our job.

I also spent time discussing my portfolio with my supervisor and professor. As a result, I made several changes or updates to the document this week.

In addition, I spent time following up with local media outlets regarding a media advisory we sent out the day before. The media outlets I contacted included First Coast News, Action News Jax, News4Jax, The Daily Record and the Jacksonville Business Journal.

Lastly, for one of our clients I recorded media hits for a press release that went out earlier in the week. I checked the First Coast News, Action News Jax and News4Jax websites. For the same client, I began building a media list that would help expedite the media outreach process.


2 thoughts on “Another Week in the PR World

    • First of all, I apologize for the delayed posting and response. I was experiencing some technical difficulties with the comment functions. Secondly, I am so glad you enjoy the page. Hope you are keeping up with it still. /Jess

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