Sharing with the Community

I attended an Operation New Hope awareness event and tour with Jennifer Symmes, Senior Account Executive. I videotaped interviews, conducted by Symmes, using a Flipcam, to be used in a presentation we were putting together for Kevin Gay, President and CEO of Operation New Hope (ONH). Upon returning to the office, I wrote a press release in regards to a donation made by Wells Fargo to ONH.

The team and I composed a press release for a new magazine that will debut in Jacksonville in the near future; however, due to the fact that the press release has not yet ran in the media (2.29.12) this is only available for viewing via my paper portfolio.

We hosted a General Motors Awards Luncheon at the Prime Osborn Convention Center during the International Car and Truck Show. The luncheon recognized various groups in the Jacksonville community that GM had worked with over the past year. Check out the video:

Sharing events with and appreciating those in the community that are invested in your clients are important steps in remaining visible. Break through the clutter with personal connections to your audience!


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