Preparation is Key

I began the preliminary footwork for a couple of upcoming projects that I am pretty excited about. These projects primarily focus on our work for the semi-professional Jacksonville soccer team as well as developing new clients.

In preparation for our work with the local semi-professional soccer team, I researched how sports teams are using social media to promote themselves, increase ticket sales, and connect with fans. I found several low-cost ideas such as using Groupon, hosting contests for free tickets, and celebrating a “Fan of the Month.”

On Monday, Feb. 13th, one of Tucker/Hall’s PR advisors is making a trip to our Jacksonville office to discuss possible hospitality opportunities in Jacksonville for the company.  In preparation for the meeting with her, I made a list of popular, higher-end, restaurants and resorts in Nassau, Duval, St John’s, Clay and Flagler counties. The list also included chain restaurants or restaurants with multiple locations whose corporate office is in Florida.

Actively preparing for upcoming projects and events is key. After all, events only happen once and you only have one meeting to convince your client, boss or whoever that you know what you are doing.

I compiled demographics for the Jacksonville Business Journal into an excel sheet that can be easily communicated via email. I also called Action News to obtain their demographic and ratings information for the 5-o’clock news.

I continued furthering my professional development by researching women in business and methods on promoting myself as a professional as well as networking. I looked into local and national professional organizations that I may be interested in joining such as PRSA.


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