Working through a Merger

The process of adjusting to new requirements brought on by the merger with Tucker/Hall is really affecting everyone. As hours upon hours were spent on the phone with the IT department and employees were adjusting to the new method of recording hours spent on the job, I was unable to work on many projects that were directly related to our clients.

I participated in a brainstorming meeting regarding Jacksonville International Airport (JIA). The airport had received positive media from Erin Burnett, a CNN anchor, as she spent time there flying in and out of the city of Jacksonville for the Republican Debate. We were trying to formulate a way to expand on this positive media.

In addition, I wrote a press release in regards to Cecil Airport’s new safety award, which was published on JIA’s website and the Jacksonville Business Journal’s website.

I updated the contact list for various Ethnic/Cultural Organizations in Jacksonville, Fl from return emails and phone calls I received.

I spent a few hours focusing on professional development. I updated my professional social media pages, continued researching the industry and met with Lauren Listner (Tucker/Hall Research Associate) to speak about professional social media suggestions and networking.


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