After the Press Release

I began work on a spreadsheet containing contact information for various ethnic-cultural clubs in the Jacksonville area in preparation for expanding GM relationships in 2012.

The team and I put together a press release for JAA’s announcement regarding the grant they received for their Concept ‘Y’ Horizontal Launch Vehicles that would be used at their Cecil Field Spaceport. Later in the week I compiled a list of media hits received for the JAA Cecil Field Press Release which went out on Thursday, Jan 26th. The press release was published in some form on the MSNBC, the Jacksonville Business Journal, and the First Coast News  websites and more .

The job is not done after the press release is sent out. In order to measure how well our client is being heard by the media, and in extension the public, is important. We start the process of measuring success by recording the number of “hits” our press releases receive.

I edited a media plan overview for one of our clients; however, due to client confidentiality this document is not available for viewing.


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