The Best Place to Start is the Beginning

Prior to beginning my internship, I volunteered at Access PR’s “Driving Community” event in order to get a better feel for the company and the field. This PR event focused on introducing members of the Junior League of Jacksonville to the Chevy brand by providing new members with cars to drive during their tour of various volunteer sites. During the event, I signed people in, collected necessary forms and took many photos.

After the event,  the team composed a blogpost for the Driving community event. I took all the photos present in the press release as well as contributed to the copy. I also completed “The Daily Download”—which I do every morning—by researching about 15 papers across northern Florida and southern Georgia and compiling a sample of stories that could represent possible opportunities for Access PR as a company.  I began creating an events calendar using Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Word that contains various events in northern Florida for Access PR’s general awareness and I transposed up a letter to the editor requesting a correction regarding a factual error made in an article we had written for the local paper regarding Cecil Commerce Center. Afterwards, I worked alongside Lauren Linster (an Account Executive) to expand a record of various media outlets and their contact information for the North Florida area.


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